Chris Walas.... Hartland Mack Lumber bash.....

The boys in the Shagamauw Lumber shops are continually trying to justify their jobs, so a new vertical boiler loco has made an appearance!

The bash started out as a Hartland Mack, but all that got used was from the deck down, the fuel bin is bits from a Hartland gondola, the boiler is an old shampoo bottle, the cylinders are from a battery Xmas loco, and the water tank is a block of wood. Popsicle stick deck, naturally.

I drilled and tapped the wheels to take a bolt for the rods.

Add aluminum funnel, wood and plastic bits.....

And there you have it! One brand new, beat up old loco!

Getting the rods situated right was a bit fiddly, but they came out fine. I just wish they weren't hidden so much behind the water tank!

The model runs nice and smooth, no real surprise given the Mack drive.

She'll do just fine to pull the newly finished line of skeleton log cars! The roster of Shagamauw Lumber just keeps growing!